(EVE Rules)

Faction Standings

Their are diffrant corperations and faction within EVE the NPC Factions standings can help you and hurt you now thier are Faction standsing as well as the corperations standings that belong to those faction all standings raise and lower due to diffrant condition generalrule with eve Caldari and Amarr Dont like Minmatar and Gallente so if you do missions for one side the otehr side dislikes you more and more you can liturally Rin your standings so bad with Amarr becouse you are doingmissions for Minmatar you cannot enter the amarr space if your disliked standing for amarr drop below -5.0 if you do enter amarr the Faction police will show up shortly and web you and start firing and no cloaking and hiding doesnt work they disable that and your in the run mode you can fight them but they will keep coming best to stay on the move and get out these Faction police do not Scramble you this is true with any faction to repair these problems is no easy task you can do skill books ot help increase your chances of getting in good graces with factions or you have to run missions for the other side if you look up any corperation in eve or any Faction you will see that each race has a likes and a dislikes tab the more they liek somone faster your standings will raise the less they liek someone more they will hurt your standings to do any mission for a Faction the lowest standign you can have to access the worst agent is a -2.0 if your already -4.5 you wont be able to do missions for that faction however ech faction has other faction that like them a bit more so if you pull up the corperation you can work twords caldari agents becouse your standings wont be as bad that will aloso increase you amarr standings tell you can do mission with amarr mind you as you do missions for thes races it now hurts your gallente and minmatar so you have to feel out the medium balance best and fastest way to increase you faction standings is do cosmos agents they cost you a bit of money to do but will jump your standing much faster then 6 months worth of work and don’t hurt your other faction standings as bad youcan find them at the white triangles and yellow triangles in space on your over view in diffrant systems

What does Faction standings get you?
Faction standings area good bad thing their are two main reasons for getting your faction standings up is you will be capable of putting up a pos in a system in that factions territory to put up a pos you need minimal 5.01 Faction Standings to put one up in 0.5 Security level a 6.01 for 0.6 and so on all the way to a 10.0 to anchor 1.0 system pos will enable many things for you but that is a another section second main reason for faction standings whitch you can get with corp standigns is a jump clone having the faction thow will allow youto put him any where thier are services that can get you clones thow for free check forums if yuare mad enough to just do missions and storyline for a faction tellyou get your faction standings to a 10.0 your other faction standings will be completely wrecked but the faction gives you a 2 run 0 me 0 pe bpc for thier fleet issue BS

How do i do missions and not mess up my Faction standings?
The answer is simple don’t do Story line missions and don’t do missions that involve the factions they wreck your standings and make game play hard after a while

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07 - Man Saluting
0/ - Waving

AS - Assault Ship
AC - Assault Cruiser
AU - Astronautical Unit
BC - Battle Cruiser
BM - Book Mark
BPO - Blueprint Original

BPC - Blueprint Copy
BS - Battle Ship
CAP - Capacitor
CTA - Call To Arms
DPS - Damage per Second
EFT - EVE Fitting Tool
EFP - Effective Health Points
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
GM - Game Master

HAC’s - Heavy Assault Cruiser
HAM - Heavy Assault Missile
HP - Health Point
KM - Kilometers
KOS - Kill On Site
PE - Production Efficiency
PVE - Player vs Environment
POS - Play Owned Station
PVP - Player VS Player
SOE - Sisters of EVE
KB - Kill Board

ME - Material Efficiency

NPC - None Player Character
RE - Reverse Engineering
ROF - Rate of Fire
SP - Skill Points
TCU - Territorial Claim Unit
TS - Team Speak
T1 - Tech 1
T2 - Tech 2
T3 - Tech 3

VENT - Ventrillo
WH - Wormhole
WT - War Target