EVE Programs

Eve is so large it really is nice to be certain things without blowing a ton of money trying Figure them out or how to fit your ship or logging into eve on the forums site or the game itself EVEMON and Eve Fitting tool are the two most common their is a program as well for managing your POS fuels for if you control a lot of the but is not liked as much because requires a full API key which is not given or used easily because someone could have full access to everything you have in game

EVEMon FREE to use
Monitors your skills while training can put multiple Toon’s so can watch them all as well as lets you plan your training schedule and implant configuration(Uses Limited API key)

EFT /EVE Fitting Tool FREE to use
Allows you to fit any ship you are able to load your skills threw the limited API key so built the ship to your skills also able to load multiple people well updated for efficiency(Uses limited API key)

POS Tracker FREE to Use
Allows you to watch your POS fuels uses full API

This is a all in one program the site is pretty extensive for more information need to look on site and go threw information


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07 - Man Saluting
0/ - Waving

AS - Assault Ship
AC - Assault Cruiser
AU - Astronautical Unit
BC - Battle Cruiser
BM - Book Mark
BPO - Blueprint Original

BPC - Blueprint Copy
BS - Battle Ship
CAP - Capacitor
CTA - Call To Arms
DPS - Damage per Second
EFT - EVE Fitting Tool
EFP - Effective Health Points
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
GM - Game Master

HAC’s - Heavy Assault Cruiser
HAM - Heavy Assault Missile
HP - Health Point
KM - Kilometers
KOS - Kill On Site
PE - Production Efficiency
PVE - Player vs Environment
POS - Play Owned Station
PVP - Player VS Player
SOE - Sisters of EVE
KB - Kill Board

ME - Material Efficiency

NPC - None Player Character
RE - Reverse Engineering
ROF - Rate of Fire
SP - Skill Points
TCU - Territorial Claim Unit
TS - Team Speak
T1 - Tech 1
T2 - Tech 2
T3 - Tech 3

VENT - Ventrillo
WH - Wormhole
WT - War Target